PTA Scholarship Thank You Letters

  • Each year the Hoover PTA offers students the opportunity to serve, operating the concessions stands for home Hoover football games, giving the students leadership and public speaking experience during the Hoover Tour of Homes, and other opportunities.  On behalf of the PTA, we thank those that support the students.  Here are the students thanking you.

    "It was incredibly generous and I am honored."  -J.Linna

    "I appreciate what you do at Hoover PTA and all the effort you put in for the students."  - A. Buer

    "I appreciate the consideration and the opportunity to advance my education" - K. Toy

    "I will forever remember what PTA stands for and how students have benefited from it" - S. Hersh

    "I know the success of our school relies greatly on the dedicated members of our PTA" - M. Barseghian

    "I am extremely thankful for this scholarship" - K. Lee

     "I have been very thankful to be a part of this Hoover Ohana" - C. Collaso

     "I am writing to express my sincere gratitude towards the Hoover PTA Scholarship" - S. Rojas

     "Thank you for this opportunity to further my education" - K. Astoquillca

     "I gratefully and humbly accept your offer to assist me in my pursuit of higher education" - E. Asadourian

     "Thank you so much for giving me this scholarship" - M. Davoudian

     "I am beyond grateful for your generosity in proving me with a scholarship" - S. Hernandez

     "I want to express my sincere gratitude and thank the Hoover PTA scholarship board..." - A. Chowdhary

     "Thank you for enabling the opportunity for me to attend USC" - R. Ohan

     "Your generosity and dedication to Hoover seniors allows us to reach our academic goals" - D. Alkeine