Tips For Parents

  • Tips For Parents

    We at PTA know it's not always easy to know what's going on at school and how to stay informed with the constant changes on campus. So, this is your insiders guide to navigating Hoover High School. We hope it's helpful to you!

    Monitor Your Student's Homework Assignments
    This Hoover website allows you to monitor your child's homework assignments by creating your own web account that allows you to create a customized "My Page" with all of the classes your child is currently taking and see what homework is due each day. To create an account: Just click on "Create Account" in the far right corner of the home page and complete the registration steps. Then sign in to your new account in the same location and create your own customized list of classes by selecting them from the "Classes" listings by department. Once you've done this, you'll be able to sign in on a daily basis and check to see what your child has for homework.  No more doubts or excuses!

    Get Involved – Volunteer at School!
    Statistically-speaking, studies prove that children whose parents volunteer their time at school perform better and are more successful.  PTA, Football concessions, Hoover Groove, and other organizations and clubs provide you many opportunities to get involved.  Email PTA President Ibet Acevedo if you want to do something!

    ICAL Feeds: How to Use Them
    On web pages displaying monthly calendar information, you'll notice a little bright green "ICAL" icon which allows for you to synchronize the calendar on your personal computer with the school website calendar.  Just click on the icon and follow the on-screen prompts. Now you're up to date!

    Coping With Problems in Class or With a Teacher
    Sometimes students can have a problem with a particular subject or teacher. As a parent seeking answers, the place for you to start is by first contacting your child's teacher. Remember, there are always two sides to every story. Use the Hoover website to email the teacher to ask questions or voice concerns. You can also phone the school and leave a message for a teacher to call you back. Sometimes it may take a day or two before a teacher is able to return your call.  The best solution is to work out problems directly with the teacher, but if you are not satisfied with this outcome, your next course of action should be to contact a counselor.

    Hoover Counselors: A Wealth of Knowledge
    To help navigate the complexities of parenting a Hoover student, your friendly Hoover counselors are there to help you. There's always a Counselor of the Day available for drop-in visits and quick questions, as well as counselors for each grade level. If you have questions or need guidance on anything like class schedules, applying for college, or just need some advice, call to set-up an appointment or drop by Hoover and ask for the Counselor of the Day.