Mrs. Pakradouni's Bio

Phone: (818) 244-8414 x1227


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Animal Behavior, UCLA Teaching Credential, CSULA M.A. in Education, Point Loma University Administrative Credential (Preliminary), Point Loma University

Mrs. Aghavni "Anni" Pakradouni

Years Teaching:  32 years in GUSD (11 years at Columbus Elementary School; 21 years at Toll Middle School)

Teaching Experiences:  I have taught every grade level from first through eighth in my thirty-two years of teaching.  I was a classroom teacher at Columbus Elementary School from 1988 to 1993.  After that, I became the Columbus School Science Coordinator for two years.  I continued at Columbus as Curriculum Coach from 1995 to 1999. I started teaching Adolescent Skills at Toll Middle School in 1999.  In the year 2000, I started teaching English and English Language Development (ELD) and also became the Curriculum Coach at Toll. In 2003, I became the newspaper adviser for the Toll newspaper, Titan Chronicle. In 2006, I started teaching Journalism to 7th and 8th graders.  In 2007, I stopped coaching teachers and focused only on my students. In 2008, there was no more Journalism class at Toll, but I continued to teach regular and advanced English, as well as ELD.  At present, I teach 7th-grade English and advanced English in the FABULOUS Pink Panther Core.

Birthplace/Birthdate:  Bucharest, Romania / July 8, 1958 (You do the math...)

Ethnicity: 1/4 Romanian and 3/4 Armenian

FAMILY: My husband Sevag and I have three wonderful daughters.  Our twins, who are identical, are named Diana and Jennifer, and my youngest daughter is named Katherine.  All our daughters are products of Glendale schools. They went to Columbus, Toll, and Hoover. Diana is married to Elias Saba, also a former Columbus, Toll, and Hoover student. They are the proud parents of George Saba and Christopher Saba, my adorable grandsons. Her twin, Jennifer, is married to Grant Ching. Katherine, my youngest daughter is a horticulturist and a plant propagation specialist. 

FUN FACTS: We used to have a small ranch on one acre of land where we got all our water from a well.  I enjoy gardening, so we grew our own vegetables to go with the fresh eggs from our chickens. Before we lived on the ranch, I used to train animals for movies and commercials. The photo on this page is from the 1980s when I worked as an animal trainer. The Hamadryas baboon I am holding is named Pinocchio. (I was training her to be in a TV commercial at the time of this photo.) I LOVE animals so we have always had MANY pets.  On the ranch, we had about 28 chickens, one rooster, one goat, 2 dogs, and 23 cats.  We also had rattlesnakes, ground squirrels, and big, hairy tarantulas that used to visit us and often terrified our guests. As of today, we have two dogs, three cats, and four tortoises (3 of them are 32 years old this year and one is 10 years old.) There were 4 dogs, but Petie passed away in 2018, and Ajax passed away recently in 2020.  We had 4 cats, but my daughter Jennifer took hers with her when she got married.  Her husband, Grant, adores Tinkerbelle!) Almost all of our pets are rescued animals either from a shelter or from the environment. In fact, three of our cats were found under the vending machines at Toll. Our tortoises are from a licensed breeder.

PERSONAL INFO: My taste in art and music is very eclectic.  I enjoy most types of music, but I especially love music to which I can dance. I used to take ballet, jazz, and Armenian dance lessons when I was a young girl. I also took martial arts when I was sixteen; my kung fu master was James Wing Woo.   I was on the track and field team (100 m. hurdles), and a forward on the girls' varsity basketball team in high school.  I also played tennis in high school and as a freshman in college. I have had some health issues with arthritis for the past since 2012, which caused me to use a rolling walker because I could not walk on my own for even one step. However, on June 20, 2018, I had double hip replacement surgery, and I am doing much better since then. I am starting to walk farther and farther distances without any assistance, only using the rolling walker when I am exhausted. And, I was able to make my daughter Jennifer's dream come true by dancing at her wedding!

I went to UC Irvine as a freshman, UC Davis (I wanted to be a veterinarian.) as a sophomore and junior, UCLA as a senior, and Cal. State L.A. and Point Loma University as a graduate student.  I have also taken some extension classes from Azusa Pacific University. I find great joy in reading and learning new things, so I had a lot of fun going to all those different universities.

Some of my favorite authors/poets are Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien, Edgar Allan Poe, Langston Hughes, Robert Frost, Jean M. Auel, J. K. Rowling, Laurie King, Eoin Colfer, Naomi Novik, Andrew Clements, Diana Gabaldon, Robert Browning, Mark Twain, Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and many more... One of the books I re-read recently is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  It is SO much better than the movie!

Degrees Held:  B.A. in Animal Behavior, UCLA; Teaching Credential, CSULA; M.A. in Education, Point Loma University; Administrative Credential (Preliminary), Point Loma University

Reason I started teaching: I love children, and I especially love working with 7th graders. They are so funny and fun to be around!  My students bring me great joy and keep me feeling young.