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  • Welcome all!  I am Mr. Trinidad, the 6th grade math and science teacher for the Black Stallions Core.  I also teach 1 math section of the Purple Pandas core.  This upcoming year will be my fifth year teaching 6th grade at Toll and Glendale Unified.


    In addition to teaching math and science, my 2019-2020 duties to Toll Middle School include:


    • Toll Middle School GATE Coach for Math Field Day and Invention Convention events.
    • 6th grade GUSD coach for the annual L.A. County Math Field Day.
    • Toll Tech Team.
    • Toll Middle School Web Administrator.


    New to 2019-2020, I will be using a standards-based grading system to assess student learning.  More information about standards based grading can be found here and on my webpage in the upcoming weeks.  A helpful video that explains the differences between traditional and standards based grading can be found here.


    Parents and students can reach me via e-mail here.


    Students, I look forward to having you for the 2019-2020 school year!


    “Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.”

    ~Raymond Lindquist




    Monday's Homework (09/16)


    • Finish the "Mean, Median, Mode, and Range" coloring worksheet by Wednesday.
    • Math Chapter 8, Lesson 2 quiz will be on Friday.
    • (Stallions Only) Finish the Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells worksheet by Wednesday.
    • (Stallions Only) Cells CER writing quiz will be on Friday.
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    Tuesday's Homework (09/117)


    • Math Vol. 2, pp. 463-466 will be checked tomorrow.  Please make sure all problems are completed.
    • (Stallions Only) Finish science "Guided Practice" worksheet.
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    Wednesday's Homework (09/11)


    • (Stallions Only) Complete the "Cells Exploration" worksheet if you did not finish it in class today.
    • Complete the "Mean" packet by Friday if you did not finish it in class yesterday.
    • MAP diagnostic testing continues tomorrow.
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    Thursday's Homework (09/12)


    • Make sure your "Mean" packet is complete.  We will be going over the other measures of center tomorrow.
    • Remind your parents and guardians that Back to School night stars at 6pm.


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    Friday's Homework (09/13)


    • Complete the rest of Vol. 2, pp. 463-464 if you did not finish it in class today.


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