Counselors' Corner

  • Dear Clark students,

    We hope you are doing well during this very challenging time.  We are all in this together and we will get through this!

    Please stay positive and strong.  Get connected with your teachers and complete your assignments and turn them in on time!  

    Remember, you will be graded on your performance.

    We will update you with summer school information as soon as we hear from our district.

    Seniors:  We will post updates from colleges and universities as they become available.  We know that you have many questions on district's grading guidelines and it's effect on your college admission decisions.  Colleges are working with districts and we will keep you informed with any updates that become available.  Until then, stay focused and study.  Check Counselor Corner and your student email frequently for updates from your counselors, teachers and administrators.

    Stay safe and healthy,

    We miss you all!!!


    Mrs. Turdjian & Ms. Margaryan

    Your counselors 


    All information can be found on the Counselors' Calendar at the left.

    If you have an immediate need, please contact your counselor at (818) 248-8324.

    Clark Magnet Counselors

    Counselor Last Name Grade Level
    Karine Turdjian A - Kha All
    Anna Margaryan Khb- Z All