Parents And Community (PAC) for Fremont: 3-Year Plan as of September 2014

  • PAC is a nonprofit, parent-run foundation established in 1995 by Fremont parents and community members to raise money for Fremont to lessen the ever-widening gap between the funds provided by the school district and the educational needs of our students.

    PAC's primary mission is to provide financial resources to enhance the learning environment and education of the students at Fremont. Since 2010, each year PAC has raised over $75,000 to support that mission. In addition to raising funds, PAC helps build a sense of community at Fremont. PAC sponsors events throughout the year, including the Kindergarten Family dinner, monthly Dine-Out Nites, and the Family Fiesta and Silent Auction.

    PAC manages six fundraising programs throughout the school year:

    • Annual Campaign: Our largest fundraising effort of the year, the Annual Campaign begins in October and runs for a period of six weeks, rallying our entire Fremont community to help us achieve our annual fundraising goal.

    • Family Fiesta: Held in May, the Family Fiesta is a great way to celebrate the end of the school year with carnival games and activities, a silent auction, food, music and more.

    • Parent Party: Usually held in February, this grown-up night out offers Fremont parents the opportunity to meet one another socially off campus while raising PAC funds through a live auction event.
    • Dine-Out Nites: Held throughout the school year, Dine-Out Nites allow Fremont families to enjoy local restaurants while helping to raise money for Fremont.

    The funds raised by PAC are 100% dedicated to Fremont and help to fund five core program categories: 

    • Technology: Examples include educational software, classroom printers and the lab instructor.

    • Teaching Tools & Grants: Examples include instructional materials and supplies for the classroom, books, field trips, Fourth-Grade Gold Rush Day and Fifth-Grade Colonial Day.

    • Music & Art: Examples include the Choral Program and the Music Docent program.

    • Health & Fitness: Examples include health and fitness equipment, the physical education instructor, additional staff to supervise the play yard and the annual Field Day event.

    • Major Initiatives: Examples include outdoor play structures, computer hardware for classrooms and the computer lab, iPads for the classrooms, projectors for the classrooms and the outdoor sound system.

    Click here for a detailed view of the PAC 3-Year Plan

    PAC captures input, feedback and requests on program funding from our Principal, Fremont teachers, parents, students and the PTA.

    • All funding requests are provided in writing and voted on by PAC Board members at the monthly PAC Meeting. These meetings are open to everyone.

    • All funding requests over $500 require a documented plan for how the funds will be used – to include program details, lesson plans, schedules and more.

    • All funding requests over $500 also require a post-funding review to evaluate the use of funds and to establish benchmarks and best practices for future funding requests and programs.

    Please note that all fundraising and program funding projections will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. In addition, this 3-Year Plan may be re-evaluated and/or re-aligned annually or at any time throughout the school year to adjust for plan performance.