Annual Campaign

  • Fremont Giving Tree


    The PAC 2021 Annual Campaign

    September 23rd through October 21st.


    Let’s face it: our schools can’t provide all the programs we know our kids need, even in the best of times.  That is where Parents and Community for Fremont (PAC) comes in.  PAC is Fremont’s own parent-run, non-profit foundation.  With your help, we pay for all those things that the District doesn’t.


    PAC exists to fill the gap between what we know our kids need, and what the district is able to provide.  We fund the arts education, music education, teaching supplies, field trips and more!  We need your help this year more than ever… we’ve TRIPLED our budget for Art and Music even after a pandemic reduced fundraising year.  




    PAC's Annual Campaign is Fremont's single most important fundraiser of the year. We recognize that every donation counts, and we strive for 100% participation in the campaign - at any level.   

    These are challenging times, and every family is different - except when it comes to how much we want our kids to thrive at Fremont.  We are all in this together, and we ask for your help - it will make all the difference!



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