Parents and Community for Fremont (PAC)

  • PAC is a nonprofit, parent-run foundation established in 1995 by Fremont parents and community members to raise money for Fremont to lessen the ever-widening gap between the funds provided by the school district and the educational needs of our students.
    PAC's primary mission is to provide financial resources to enhance the learning environment and education of the students at Fremont. Since 2010, each year PAC has raised close to $100,000 to support that mission. The money PAC collects stays at Fremont and is used to fund technology (including iPADs and other computer hardware in the classroom and computer lab, educational software, printers and instructor's salary), the choral music program, health and fitness equipment, field trips, unique educational programs, instructional materials for the teachers and additional staff to supervise the play yard.  In 2019, PAC approved funds for an Art Instructor and a Music Instructor.
    In addition to raising funds, PAC helps build a sense of community at Fremont. PAC sponsors events throughout the year, including the Kindergarten Family dinner, monthly dine-out nights, and the Family Fiesta and Silent Auction.

    PAC fundraising events Include:
    PAC monthly meetings are generally held on the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. They are open to everyone. Check the Fremont calendar for exact dates and location.  Childcare is available.