Staff Appreciation Week

  • This special week in April or May of each year is dedicated to showing the teachers and staff here at Fremont just how grateful we are for their time and dedication to our children. Each day the staff is treated to something special, such as a luncheon, continental breakfast or delicious snacks.
    On Flower Day, students bring a flower from their home garden or purchase a flower in front of the school to present to their favorite teacher and/or staff member. Room Parents arrange these flowers in vases for the teachers.
    On Note Day, students are asked to bring in a note of thanks for their teacher. Not only is this great practice in social writing skills, but it helps the students put into practice the kind of thoughtfulness emphasized in Fremont’s Character & Ethics Program.
    The grand finale of the week is Spa Day, when the Teacher’s Lounge is transformed into a spa-like setting, complete with a fountain, herbal tea and peaceful music. The teachers and staff sign up for short massage appointments (donated by local therapists) or hand paraffin wax treatment (from parent volunteers).