Scholarships for Fremont Alumni

  • Each year the Fremont PTA awards scholarships to college-bound graduating high school seniors from CVHS & Clark Magnet HS who attended Fremont Elementary School.
    The winners are decided by a committee made up of the Scholarship Chairperson and four PTA Board Members.

    The Fremont Bear Scholarship is based on overall achievement and requires attendance at Fremont from K-6.

    Specialized Scholarships are also given to students going into fields such as art/literature, teaching or technology. Those awards have additional submission requirements and the applicant must have attended Fremont for a minimum of three years.

    Scholarship winners are presented with their awards at Fremont in front of the entire school, inspiring our current students to also achieve great things.
    Questions? Contact Christina Martin
    Past Winners
    Jackson Bullard - Fremont Bear Scholarship
    Natalie Lai
    Issac Sung
    Maylin Austin - Fremont Bear Scholarship
    Richard Parada
    Edan Bash
    Charlotte Bullard - Fremont Bear Scholarship
    Collett Simonian
    Benjamin Han
    Sydney Pontius - Fremont Bear Scholarship
    Jonathan Hun
    David Heckmann
    Savannah Baum - Fremont Bear Scholarship
    Morgan Becker
    Nick Villareal 
    Gregory Camperos - Fremont Bear Scholarship
    Olivia Brandt
    Amanda Khan 
    Beatrice Breckheimer - Fremont Bear Scholarship
    Christopher Han 
    Jamie Munsey 
    Lauren Lee - Fremont Bear Scholarship
    Ryan Booth 
    Emma Salmon 

    "Thank you so much for your generous scholarship! ... I was so touched by the dedication and care of every single PTA member and teacher I talked to at Fremont that day ... I was transported back to my seven years of Fremont experiences, and I was overwhelmed by an immense sense of gratitude. The Fremont atmosphere was vital to shaping the way I grew up, and I'm positive that my successes today are due to my years at Fremont."

    -- Lauren Lee, 2013 Fremont Bear Scholarship Winner