•  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
     1. What is Journeys?
    Journeys is CV's only literary and arts magazine! We are a student-run organization and we aim to create a platform for students' creative expression! Check out our "About" page.
    2. What can I submit to Journeys? 
    Short stories, poems, scripts, photography, art, comic strips- you name it! If you don't know whether or not to submit something, just ask us by emailing journeyssubmissions@gmail.com or...just submit it! Be sure to include your name and student ID.
    3. Is there a theme that I should adhere to in my submission?
    Nope! We decide the theme of each magazine after looking at all of our accepted submissions.
    4. When is my deadline to submit?
    For our 2018 edition, the deadline to submit is the end of March!
    5. Can I get extra credit for submitting?
    Tons of teachers give extra credit for submitting to Journeys: just ask them! :)
    6. How do I submit?
    By e-mailing journeyssubmissions@gmail.com with your submission (an attachment will do just fine) and your name and ID number (preferably).
    7. When do I know if my submission got accepted or not?
    We will notify you accordingly.
    8. What do Journeys Editors do?
    We sit around a table, look at your submission, and make snarky comments while judging your piece---At least, that's what people think we do. We actually get trained by a handful of English and Art teachers on campus to properly understand how to analyze a poem or an art piece. We take the time to read a couple of pieces each week and aggressively discuss if the literary or art piece is a proper fit for our magazine.  Trust me, we enjoy reading all of your submissions, and take each submission we receive seriously.
    9. That sounds interesting! How do I become an awesome Journeys editor?
    Look at the magazine:
     https://issuu.com/journeysmagazine/docs/journeysmagazine2016  then fill out and submit an editorial application.
    10. All right, so then how do I buy a copy of Journeys?
     Our 2017 issue will be out sometime in May. We publish a free full-color online magazine. Ask a Journeys editor for assistance, or come by Room 5307 (Mrs. Waters) to order a hard copy.
    11. I still have more questions!!!
    Unfortunately, we can't read your mind, so e-mail cvhsjourneys@gmail.com for more information!