• Room Parent Program
    Room Parents have a very important role in helping the teachers and creating a great experience for our kids. This rewarding volunteer position allows you to interact regularly with your child’s teacher and have a greater knowledge and participation in the class activities.

    Duties will vary by teacher, but may include:
    • Creating a monthly volunteer schedule
    • Scheduling parent helpers for classroom centers
    • Scheduling parent helpers for field trips, parties, copying, prep work, classroom beautification, drive-thru lane and other school-related events
    • Coordinating class parties (usually a winter party and end-of-year party)
    • Coordinating classroom booth volunteers and silent auction basket for the Fiesta at the end of the year
    • Coordinating teacher’s gifts
    • Keeping parents informed of school activities
    • Submitting photos of class for the yearbook


    If you are interested in becoming a Room Parent, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator before the start of the school year. A list of interested parents is distributed to the teachers who then look for a match with their class list and select their Room Parent(s). Room Parent assignments are typically communicated the first week of school.