GUSD Warehouse Services

  • Warehouse Services

    Services provided by the warehouse staff have been evaluated/reviewed and, in some cases, modifications or reassignments have been made to accommodate staff reductions. All necessary modifications to warehouse services have been assessed to help lessen the impact of these changes on day-to-day operations, and to assure that the warehouse can continue to provide essential services to the sites. Please review the changes/ modifications, as they may have an impact on your site practices.

    Mail Delivery
    Mail delivery is available four days per week on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. There will be no mail pick-up or delivery on Tuesdays as warehouse personnel are in the warehouse rotating stock, staging orders, and scheduling. Wednesday morning, Nutritional Services deliveries will be sent out to the necessary Nutritional Service kitchens. Nutritional Services will submit the following week’s food delivery orders to the warehouse on or before the Friday preceding the intended Wednesday delivery date. Any change orders requested after Friday will be completed only if the warehouse worker determines he can complete the task within the given time.

    Bulk Mailing
    The warehouse does not process bulk mailings. Trays are available for school sites to use upon request for large mailings. Please contact the warehouse in advance.

    Inventory & Labeling of District (assets of $500+) Equipment
    Purchasing will send copies of PO’s with charges to 4430 and 6490 codes to the warehouse. The warehouse will review and log any items needing to be labeled so they are aware of all items that need tagging. As the items arrive at the site, the site-designated contact needs to call or email the warehouse to notify of the item's arrival on site and to schedule a time and area for the equipment to be labeled. 

    Warehouse Absences

    In the case that one of the two warehouse workers are absent, the remaining warehouse worker will continue to perform their normal mail delivery route, then will continue on the absent worker's route picking up and dropping off mail at the Secondary sites. Therefore, on days you are notified that your warehouse driver is absent, any mail to be sent out can be taken to the nearest Secondary school site prior to the drivers’ arrival at that site. 

Last Modified on July 10, 2020