Booster Club

  • CVHS Boys' Soccer 2022-23
    The Booster Club

    Underpinning the CVHS Boy's Soccer Program is the Booster Club, which provides funding for the Program, support for the coaching staff, and community visibility through publicity and community service activities. The Booster Club is made up of team parents who volunteer their time, talents, and skills to keep the program funded and running smoothly. If you are a parent of a player, you are automatically a member of the Booster Club. We encourage all parents to become active members - the more parents participate, the better the program becomes.

    Notice of the Booster Club meetings will be announced on this web site, and all members are encouraged to attend. 

    The Booster Club has organized responsibilities by creating a Board and Coordinators.

    Booster Club Officers:

    President:                                    Jessica Sheen
    Vice President:                           Rob Duryee
    Secretary:                                    Sorel Parsamyan
    Treasurer:                                    Rie Maeda
    Events Committee Chair:      
    Fundraising:                               Rob Duryee



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