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    If you use iCal on your Apple iPhone, click and add the Pep Squad iCal link below.  You can create an Apple ID and use iCal and the Apple iCloud free of charge. Create an Apple ID

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      Sync iCal to Google Calendar Instructions

      Syncing with Google Calendar is easy and can be done several ways.  The easiest way I know is as follows:  

      From your desk top web browser go to Google Calendar. Click on the down arrow next to "OTHER CALENDARS."
      In the drop down menu, click on "ADD URL"
      From the CVHS Pep Calendar website, right click on Pep Squad iCal and Copy link address
      Go back to Google Calendar, and paste the URL (Copied link address) from the Pep Squad iCal, and click ADD CALENDAR
      Leave the box "Public Access" blank
      The Pep Squad iCal should appear in your Google Calendar.  It will update automatically when changes are made.
      The automatic changes for Google Calendar may up to 2 hours to take effect.  Changes with iCal on and iPhone are instantaneous.
      You can change preferences, colors and appearance as you wish with Google Calendar controls.
      Hope this helps, and if you need further assistance, go to and search Sync iCal to Google Calendar.