Important Information



    Important Information


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    Please consider volunteering your time and talent to make this an outstanding year for all of our girls!

    We still need help with these tasks:  
    • Varsity team coordinator.
    • A parent from the Varsity team to take good quality still photos of games and social events for use in the end-of-year Memory Book.
    • A parent from each of the three teams to video the games for the coaches' use as well as for use in an end-of-year highlights video.
    • Video Editor to compile a highlight video of the three teams for distribution to the players and to be shown at the end-of-year banquet.
    • Memory Book page preparers for each of the three teams to compile pages of still pictures for use in the end-of-year Memory Book.

    In addition, we need an organized individual to take over managing the snack bar sign-ups for next year. You do NOT have to be present at every snack bar shift, you only have to make sure that one or more of our team parents are signed up to be there.

    Please contact a board member today, and let us know how you will help!


    "I would, but I wouldn't even
    know where to start."

    Each event has years of documentation, so you won't have to reinvent the wheel!
    "I want to,
    but I am so busy."

    You won't be in it alone, the more volunteers the faster things go.
    "I would, but I am not good at that sort of thing."

    Tell me about it! 
    Just like the kids we can only do the best we can.   We look forward to any help you can offer.