Philosophy and Expectations

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    Philosophy and Expectations
    Lady Falcon Basketball
    Player Contract
    I acknowledge that I have accepted the invitation to be part of the Crescenta Valley Girls' basketball program. By accepting this invitation, I agree to abide by all rules that my coach puts in effect. I acknowledge that if I choose not to follow all rules of the program, that my membership in this program can be revoked.
    As a member of the Crescenta Valley Basketball Program,
    I agree to the following:
    1. I will do my very best at all times, practice and games, to make myself and my teammates the best that we can possibly be. Nothing less than my best is acceptable.
    2. I will always put the goals of my team ahead of my personal or statistical basketball goals.
    3. I will encourage and support my teammates and underclassmen. I will refrain from being vocally critical or demeaning.
    4. I will accept my role on this team and do my best to fulfill the expectations of my role to its fullest. If I am unhappy about my role on this team, then I will work harder to improve.
    5. I will be honest at all times with my coaches and teammates.
    6. I will communicate my problems or concerns with my coach. I will do this in mature and appropriate manner at an appropriate time. (Never during any practice or team meeting, Never immediately before or after a game.)
    7. I will not engage or do anything that is detrimental to myself, to my teammates, to my basketball program, or to my school.
    8. I will always be on time. (20 minutes before practice or departure. 30 minutes if I need to be taped or need to see the trainer.)


    I agree to these as well as any other rules that my coaches put in place. I agree that I am aware of all of these rules and understand that there will be consequences if I do not follow them.
    CIF Code of Ethics:
    1. Academic Achievement
    2. Respect Coaches, Officials, Opponents
    3. Demonstrate integrity
    4. Refrain from inappropriate language
    5. Follow substance use/abuse guidelines
    6. Win with character, lose with dignity
    CIF / GUSD Academic Requirements
    • Maintain a "C" (2.0) average passing at least 4 classes
    • Period of Eligibility = 10 week quarters.
    "Student" comes before "Athlete" in Student-Athlete for a reason.

    Outside Competition: 
    • No HighSchool Athlete is allowed to compete on a club or travel team during their SEASON of SPORT. 
    • Participation will result in your teams' forfeiture of every game the athlete has played.
    Lady Falcon Basketball
    Player Expectations

    1. Play and act with class wherever we go Remember that we represent our school and community
    2. Play as hard as you can whether it is a game or practice. Never walk away from a game knowing you could have done more.
    3. Always be on time for all practices, games, and meetings. On time means 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the meeting.
    4. Always put the team before yourself. No single player has ever won a championship by themselves.

    Parent Expectations
    1. Act with class wherever we play. Cheer for our team and applaud our opponents when they play well. Do not yell or argue with officials, players, coaches, opponents, or opposing fans. As with our players, we represent our school and community and we want to do that well.

    2. Help out with program events whenever possible. We always need chaperones’ for trips, help with fundraises, even carpooling to games.

    We cannot run a successful program without the help of the parents.

    3. Please honor the decisions of the coaching staff. The coaching staff at Crescenta Valley will be doing their best to run the most successful program possible. Our staff will need to make many decisions concerning such issues as playing time and team placement that aren’t going to make everyone happy. All of our staff members will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss issues that you may have provided that:


    • A meeting time has been set up. Please don't approach a coach before or after a game or practice with the problem. Set up a time with the coach. Sometimes our emotions take control immediately after a game and this goes the same with coaches. Set up a meeting with the coach the next day or so after both coach and yourself have been able to cool down and think properly.
    • Use the proper chain of command. If you have a problem involving the freshman coach, please go to that coach first. I will always ask you if you have talked to the appropriate coach before dealing with any problem as I hope you would come to me if your daughter is on Varsity before going to my A.D

    About Negativity
    The one thing that can destroy a team Faster than anything that happens on the court is when there is an air of negativity corning from within the program. Parents will always have their opinions to what is right and wrong with any coaching situation. We are all entitled to our opinion. However; it is when negativity is proclaimed outwardly and constantly that a major problem results.

    Negativity can spread like a virus among a basketball program. Parents who in most cases don't have any problems with what is going on with a program listen to constant negative comments made by a parent and begin to make the same comments. The main problem comes when these comments begin to affect the players on the team. If the negativity is constant in the stands, then there is no doubt that the players also are hearing it on a regular basis as well. It creates a coach vs. parent situation for the player that is totally unfair for them to be in. Once the player begins to believe the negativity coming from their parents, it is impossible for the coach to get their best effort. This creates a major problem for the coach because his or her team is directly being affected by what is said in the stands and the coach will have to make some very rough decisions if they want to save their program.

    As coaches, we must understand that parents love their children very much. We must understand that you would die for your children and only want the best for them. Parents must understand that coaches are responsible for twelve or fifteen players on their team and that what is best for the team will always come before what is best for individuals. What we want for everyone is a positive experience playing basketball for Crescenta Valley.