Student Aides in the Library

  • Student Aides in the Libraryimage
    Most students who work in the library are interested in books, reading, or gathering information.
    You will also need the following:
    • an attitude of helpfulness
    • be willing to do any task assigned
    • know how to use computers or be willing to learn
    • have good alphabetizing skills

    The job of library aide is NOT for those who:
    • are impatient
    • dislike detail
    • do not like to be told what to do
    • are not independent workers
    • enroll just because they want to get out of another class

    Items on which you will be graded:
    • Student is on time and ready to work at the bell
    • Student interacts positviely with staff and patrons. Student is helpful and respectful to staff and patrons
    • Student understands and does assigned book shelving without supervision
    • Student's assigned shelves are neat and in order
    • Student knows how to use the library equipment and is able to provide assistance to patrons when needed
    • Student willingly responds to request from staff for help
    • Student looks for jobs that need doing beyond assigned work
    • When jobs are finished, student uses time effectively for reading or studying
    • Students looks for ways to improve library service or systems