Library Information

  • Library InformationLibrary Information


    Mrs. Roxanne Gay
    Library Tech
    • Hours: Monday - Friday 7:45 - 3:45
        • We are open during Snack and Lunch
    • The Library has a photocopier for student use
      • Copies are 10¢ for black & white, 25¢ for color
    • Access to the internet is available to students free of charge
    • The computers are to be used strictly for school research and study
    • No games or chat rooms are allowed
    • Students may print from the computers
    • Copies are 10¢ for black and white, 25¢ for color
    • Before using a computer, students must give their student ID card to the circulation desk
    Library Behavior
    • Students are expected to be quiet and courteous at all times in the Library
    • Any student being disruptive in the Library will be asked to leave
    • There is no food, drink, or gum allowed in the Library
    All About Library Books
                 Card Catalog
    • The computer card catalog allows students easy access to books
                 Checking Out Materials
    • In order to check out materials students must have their student ID card
    • Up to four books may be checked out at a time
    • Books are checked out for three weeks
    • Books may be renewed as often as wanted, as long as any fines are paid
    • The cost for late materials is 25¢ per day (Fines are accrued for school days only; we will not charge you for weekends or holidays)
    • Fines continue up to the cost of the book
    • The fine for a lost book is $30.00. Students may choose to bring in a new copy of the lost book instead of the $30.00 fine
    Local Library Catalogs
    --Los Angeles Public Library (La Crescenta Branch)
    --Glendale Public Library
    --Los Angeles Public Library