Student Learner Outcomes

  • Daily students will be


    1. Collaborators who:

      1. Work effectively with others to build powerful learning
      2. Build school community
      3. Contribute and acquire knowledge with others that leads to post-secondary success
    2.  Creators who:

      1. Synthesize information to build knowledge and take action
      2. Visionary problem-solvers
      3. Develop unique approaches to goals
    3. Communicators who:

      1. Are effective writers, speakers, readers, and listeners.
      2. Exhibit a positive culture of learning that celebrates diversity and inclusion
      3. Able to exchange ideas, knowledge, and solutions with others. 
    4. Critical Thinkers who:

      1. Use multiple sources of information to create solutions to real-world problems
      2. Actively engage in their school and community
      3. Apply their learning to practical real-life situations