Our Classroom Core Values
    1. Treat everyone with respect and dignity. 
    2. Raise your hand always to be chosen to speak. 
    3. Be willing to talk with one another when you get your
        feelings hurt or you have a problem that needs to be solved.
    4. Good manners are always encouraged :(good morning, thank
        you or your welcome are great manner words to use often).
    5.  Your comments and thoughts are important, but should be
         communicated at appropriate times; although
         unnecessary comments will be addressed immediately.
    6. Never giving up and always trying to do your best, develops great
    7. Your desk and materials should always be organized and tidy for
        you to find things easily. 
    8. Our school hallways are considered "no talking zones".  We will
        walk quietly, facing the front at all times. 
    9. If an outside playground issue/conflict needs urgent attention, let
        Mrs. Aldaco know; if it can wait until later, write a note and
        drop it off in our important basket or teacher desk. 
    10. Kind words always help us soar to new heights. 
    11. On Thursdays, we'll review these class expectations and will have a
         chance to give input on how we could respect or help one another more
         as classmates. This paper will go home for your parents to review
         in your Thursday folder.  Return back on Friday, only if Mrs. Aldaco
         puts a check mark on  your comment box. 
    12. Smiles are always invited and a happy sight to see... wear one everyday!
    * Caught being good tickets                                    *  Table points (rewarded monthly)
    * Marbles (Class Reward)                                        *  Special happy notes sent home
    * Paid Mountain Bucks (classroom money)                * Reward box
    Clip on behavior chart will be moved
    Mountain Bucks(classroom money) taken away and paid to teacher
    Self-reflective/Behavior contract if needed
Last Modified on August 14, 2021