Extra/Co-Curricular Forms


    Participation in GUSD extra/co-curricular programs is voluntary. For a student to be eligible, the parent must complete an Extra/Co-Curricular Program Packet, which includes each of the forms listed below. All necessary forms must be completed and returned to the school before your student will be allowed to participate in any extra/co-curricular activities, practices, or events.

    Extra/Co-Curricular Program Packet


    1. Purchase an Associated Student Body Card: Most programs are funded by the Associated Student Body (ASB). All program participants are expected to purchase an ASB card in order to participate. ASB cards may be purchased at the Student Store or through school administration.

    2. Parental Consent and Assumption of Risk for Participation in Interschool Extra/Co-Curricular Programs and Parental Authorization for Emergency Medical Treatment forms.

    3. Pre-participation Examination History/Physical: A student must obtain, or have on file, prior to their season of participation in an extra/co-curricular program, a form certifying they have had a physical examination by a licensed doctor. Once a student has had a physical, he or she is certified physically fit for one calendar year from the date listed on the form.

    4. Confirmation of Extra/Co-Curricular Insurance: California Education Code, Chapter 1010, AB3100, Chapter 2, Article 3, Sections32220-32224, makes it mandatory that the school be furnished evidence of student insurance coverage of at least $1,500 medical and hospital benefits to cover the student while practicing for, participating in, or traveling to/from interschool extra/co-curricular events. This includes members of school bands or orchestras, cheerleaders,pompom girls, team managers, and their assistants.

      If you already have insurance, complete and sign the section of the form entitled: Provision I,Confirmation of Existing Accident Insurance Coverage.

      If you need to purchase insurance, sign the section of the form entitled: Provision II, Confirmation of Intent to Purchase Student Accident Insurance. The application for this school insurance is available through your school's Athletic Director. The application and fee must be returned to the advisor before you will be allowed to participate.

      Some students may qualify to enroll in no-cost or low-cost local, state, or federally sponsored health insurance programs. Information about these programs may be obtained by calling the Healthy Families Program at 1 (800) 880-5305.

    5. Extra/Co-Curricular Participation Agreement: Read the agreement carefully so you know what is expected. Signatures of both parent/guardian and student are required.

    6. Code of Conduct Agreement for Extra/Co-Curricular Students

    7. Volunteer Automobile Use Permission Form