Fundraising at Fremont

  • The combined annual budget for Fremont PTA and PAC for Fremont is a little over $100,000. This amount allows both groups to provide additional services and resources for our children. The $100,000 breaks down to a cost of $150 per student per year.
    For those families who generously reach or exceed this amount annually, Fremont graciously thanks you and says: Don’t stop!
    For the rest of us, $150 (per student) may seem like a lot of money initially, but it breaks down to only $15 each month throughout the school year, which is much less than the thousands of dollars some of our neighbors spend on private school for a comparable education.
    The PTA and PAC simply request that we keep the needs of our children in mind throughout the school year and try to give a few dollars more whenever possible, through participation in fundraisers. Every little bit counts. Our goal is 100% financial participation from families. So, whether you can give $5 or $5,000, your contribution makes a difference.
  • Ongoing Fundraisers

    Help raise money everyday while you shop.  Just check out our ongoing fundraisers below:



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