• Welcome to 8th Grade Science Class


    Wilson Middle School provides a supportive environment that fosters academic success, social responsibility, creativity, and reflective thinking in all students.  Our class will cover the fundamentals of matter; chemical interactions; motion, forces, & energy; and astronomy.

    Wilson Knights are Responsible, Kind, and Reflective


    Contact Information:

    Email: nbarsegyan@gusd.net (Best Method)

    Phone number: (818) 244-8145

    Website: https://www.gusd.net/wilson scroll down to find Teacher Directory tab; click on the tab and find Barsegyan


    Behavior Expectations: Please refer to your Student Planner and Classroom Expectation Matrix


    *All students are required to bring and use their Wilson Student Planner daily


    Suggested Supply List: 

    *Several writing utensils; pens & pencils

    *Highlighters/colored pencils

    *Loose leaf paper

    *Composition notebook for journals

    *Binder for science (it can be a section with dividers)


    *Tissue box


    Attendance & Tardies:  Attendance means on-time & prepared.  If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to learn of the missed work through the class website.  Students should have the missed work completed upon return; however, I grant exceptions when appropriate and requested.  Absences greater than 3 days involve the counseling office.  Please see planner page 7 for policy on tardies. 


    Agenda & Homework:  Updated weekly on the board and on my website.  Students will update their planners every Monday.  Incomplete classwork becomes homework.  Late work will be accepted up to 2 days from the original due date for 50% credit.


    Grades: Based on homework/classwork, lab reports, projects, quizzes/tests, and participation


    Extra Credit:

    • 5pts/chapter
    • com; codes are posted online under the extra credit tab




    Ms. Barsegyan’s Classroom Expectations



    Whole Class

    Group/ Partner Work


    Be Responsible

    • Be on time and prepared

    o   Use the bathroom before class

    o   Start the “Journal” immediately

    o   Take out necessary materials

    • Participate

    o   Actively listen

    o   Ask questions

    o   Follow instructions

    o   Engage positively


    • Look, Listen, Learn (3Ls)
    • Follow all instructions
    • Stay on task with your own group members
    • Use inside voices
    • Leave your area clean for the next class
    • Take all your personal items with you

    Be Kind

    • Use polite words and actions
    • Quiet down
    • Raise your hand to participate in discussions
    • Be respectful to others
    • Keep hands, feet,objects to yourselves
    • Handle supplies with care and return them neatly
    • Keep voice volume appropriate
    • Use polite words and actions
    • Be helpful to other students and your teacher

    Be Reflective

    • How can I learn most efficiently and effectively?
    • Does the journal review yesterday or preview today?
    • Did I understand the lesson?
    • What should I do if I don’t understand something?
    • How did I help my group complete the task?
    • Did I leave the room ready for the next class?  
    • Did I accomplish my learning goals today?