• It is recognized that individual student differences will affect the amount of time spent on homework. In addition to assigned homework, students are expected to do reading outside of the school day.

    How much homework will I have at Wilson? 

    Homework is important. The difference between passing and failing a class is often homework. Do all of it all of the time. Homework will be assigned most nights to reinforce the learning taking place during the day. Homework includes projects, reports, reading, studying for tests, and reviewing notes. Write down your homework everyday in your Binder Reminder.

    Suggested Time for Homework

    Grade 6: 30-60 minutes daily for all classes
    Grades 7-8: 120 minutes daily for all classes

    Purpose of Homework

    • Practice and apply the skills being taught in the classroom
    • Develop and maintain productive study habits
    • Develop responsibility and self-direction
    • Make up incomplete or missed assignments
    • Prepare for classroom instruction/study for test
    • Late Homework – Students may turn in late assignments and receive feedback. Credit for assignments will be determined by the teacher. 

    How do I do my homework if I am sick?

    At least 3 days absence is necessary before teachers should be asked to provide homework for ill students. For absences less than 3 days, a student should contact a classmate for missed homework or call the Homework Hotline (after 4:00pm at 818-244-8145), or check teachers' websites. Arrangements for homework should be made through the Counseling Office. Please allow 24 hours for the office to collect homework.

    What if I am not doing well in school?

    See your teacher for help. They can provide you with assistance on how to improve. You can also attend the Homework Lab after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for tutoring.