Cell Phone Policy

  • Can I bring my cell phone to school?

    1. You may bring a cell phone to school with your parent’s permission. It is to remain off and put
      away as soon as the student enters school grounds. It should be out of sight in a backpack. It
      should not be in a packet. It may not be taken out until the student is off-campus. Cell phones
      are not to be used in classrooms, the library, the field/quad, or anywhere on school property
      without the permission of school staff. The student assumes full responsibility for the cell

      phone. The school/district is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property. Continu-
      ous violations of cell phone rules will result in consequences that include but are not limited to

      confiscation, ATS, and/or loss of cell phone privileges. First Offense: Warning, form signed by
      student, phone returned to student. Second Offense: Parent must pick up phone and sign form.

      Third Offense: Parent must pick up phone and sign form and a consequence

      is assigned (ATS/detention and loss of phone privileges). At any time, conse-
      quences may be assigned as deemed necessary by administration.