Human Resources


    Glendale Unified Human Resources Office - Room 403

    Phone: (818) 241-3111 ext. 1256 | Fax: (818) 547-3207

    Dr. Darneika Watson, Chief Human Resources and Operations Officer / Director, Classified Personnel

    Dr. Kyle Bruich, Director, Certificated Personnel

    Margie Fester, Executive Secretary 



    Welcome to the Human Resources Department!


    The Glendale Unified School District provides a high quality education that addresses the unique potential of each child in a safe, engaging environment.


    The Human Resources Department recruits, develops, motivates, and retains highly qualified individuals committed to creating a positive working environment and supporting the needs of students and families. By demonstrating excellent personal and group performance, we provide outstanding service with integrity and professionalism.

    Verification of Employment Requests

    Email Verification of Employment


    New Resolution Adopted June 20, 2017 - Workers Compensation for Volunteers

Human Resources Department Contacts


    Dr. Darneika Watson 
    Chief Human Resources and Operations Officer/ Director, Classified Personnel
    Ext. 1259     Email Darneika
    Dr. Kyle Bruich
    Director, Human Resources
    Ext. 1259 Email Kyle
    Mr. John Gonzales
    Assistant Director, Classified Personnel
    Ext. 1231 Email John
    Mr. Edwin Momartin
    Sr. Human Resources Analyst
    Ext. 1378 Email Edwin
    Mrs. Margie Fester
    Executive Secretary
    Ext. 1259 Email Margie


    Substitute Desk


    Anahid Zaghikian
    Human Resources Associate  
    Ext. 1251 Email Anahid  
    Sofia Sheppard
    Human Resources Associate
    Ext. 1255 Email Sofia
    Hanriet Aghajani
    Human Resources Associate  
    Ext. 1248 Email Hanriet


    Certificated Staff


    Stacy Toy
    Human Resources Specialist (Confidential)  
    Ext. 1427 Email Stacy  
    Carlos Zamora
    Certificated Services Technician
    Ext. 1253      Email Carlos
    Arlene Agaab
    Credentials Technician
    Ext. 1230 Email Arlene
    Rosalin Matthewsian
    Certificated Services Technician
    Ext. 1562 Email Rosalin


    Classified Staff


    Sandra Morales
    Human Resources Specialist (Confidential)
    Ext. 1231      Email Sandra
    Manik Aidie
    Human Resources Analyst
    Ext. 1357 Email Manik
    Human Resources Technician
    Ext. 1387 Email
    Sonia Boller
    Human Resources Associate
    Ext. 1436 Email Sonia  


    Workers' Compensation


    Sylvia Pouncy
    Risk Manager/Workers' Compensation Coordinator
    Ext. 1377      Email Sylvia