Campus Lockdown Procedures

  • In some instances (intruder on campus, campus disturbances, possible chemical accidents, acts of terrorism, gunfire or other safety hazards reported by police, etc.), classrooms and offices can provide greater protection to students and staff rather than an evacuation from the building to the playground.
    If we have a “lockdown” you will hear this announcement over the school intercom:

    “May I have your attention. May I have your attention. This is not a drill. We are going into a lockdown. Please remain in the room you are in. If you are outside, please go to the nearest room. All doors must be closed and locked. “

    Procedures (discuss with students, where appropriate):

    1. Remain in the room you are in (i.e. classroom, computer lab, library, auditorium, etc.).
    2. If you are outside, please proceed to the nearest secured room (i.e. classroom, library, auditorium, etc.).
    3. Take a moment to look outside your room and direct any student(s) to come into your room.
    4. Close/lock exterior doors, classroom doors, and windows.
    5. Turn off air conditioners and exhaust fans and you will be directed when to turn them back on.
    6. Close drapes or blinds and stay away from windows.
    7. Take roll. You will be contacted by the office for your class count. Do not call the office unless there is an emergency.
    8. Electricity will be left on.
    9. Do not allow anyone to leave or enter the classroom. Do not evacuate the room unless instructed. Keep all doors and windows closed.
    10. Check your email for updates from the office.
    11. Turn on your cell phone.
    At the end of the drill you will hear this announcement:
    “All clear. The school is now unlocked.”