• M.E.S.A.

    MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) is a program designed to help develop and encourage student interest in Math Engineering Science and Technology subject areas and careers. Wilson Middle School is working with California State University, Los Angeles as our local MESA center.

    MESA DAY RULES:  http://mesa.ucop.edu/staff/mesa-day-rules/ 

    MESA Bulletin Announcement!!!
    Calling all 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Students who are interested in joining MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) where you can build projects such as bridges, mouse trap cars, egg drop containers and much more! You can sign up to work on a project by yourself or with friends.
    Complete a MESA Enrollment Form by September 30th!!

    You can download the 2 forms by clicking these links
    MESA Enrollment Form and Parent Permission Form

    or pick one up from Mrs. Nam (Room 1225) or Mrs. Jackson (Room 1235). Even if your child was in MESA previously, a new form needs to be turned in each year.
    Please follow all deadlines as they are determined by Cal State LA and we cannot change them or make exceptions.
    The following video about MESA by MESA Alumni Victor Glover, US Navy Pilot Lt. Commander explains MESA and its value.

    Students who enroll in MESA can choose to participate in competitions by completing various projects such as mouse trap cars, bridges, windmills, egg drop containers, models of an eye, gliders, oral presentations and Websites. The rules for these projects by grade level can be found at http://www.ucop.edu/mesa/mesa_day_rules/

    The Preliminary competition day for these MESA projects will be on a Saturday in the beginning of March and then the Southern California Regionals competition is usually on a Saturday in April. Please e-mail Ms. Nam (Jnam@gusd.net) or Mrs. Jackson (pjackson@gusd.net) if you have any questions. We'd like to congratulate all of our past and current MESA students for their participation!

    Throughout the year, we hope to have many MESA activities and field trips.  A story about our MESA Rocket Day was covered by The Glendale Newspress--see the full article and photo gallery with the following link:


    2014-2015 MESA COMPETITIONS RESULTS (Advisors: Mrs. Jackson & Ms. Inglish)
    "Pre-lims Competition"

    MouseTrap Car 6th Grade: 
    Edgar Agekyan- 1st Place, Dylan Abramyan- 2nd Place, Natalie Shahi & Nicole Shahi- 3rd Place
    Popsicle Stick Bridge:   Alena Kunjumon & Khushi Patel- 1st Place
    Speak-up:  Brijal Shah- 1st Place
    GI Physiology Model Science:  Jazmine Ramos- 1st Place
    Algebra 1:  Anthony Tarbinian- 1st Place, Brijal Shah- 2nd Place, Chadi Saklaway- 3rd place
    Geometry:  Richard Mirzoian- 1st Place, Clara Georges- 2nd Place
    General Math: Alena Kunjumon -  1st Place

    "Math Delegates":
    General Math: 
    Alena Kunjumon - 3rd Place
    Algebra 1: Brijal Shah - 3rd Place
    Geometry:  Richard Mirzoian  -   2nd Place, Clara Georges    - 3rd Place 

    "At Large Competitors"
    General Math: Dylan Abramyan - 1st Place
    Geometry: Jazmine Ramos - 2nd Place
    GI Physiology: Jazmine Ramos - 2nd Place
    Mouse Trap Car: Edgar Agekyan - 3rd Place 

    2013-2014 RESULTS (Advisors: Mrs. Jackson & Mrs. Panosyan)
    General Math Team:
    1st Place 
    Christopher Waked (6) & Angel Perez (6) & Anthony Tarbinian(6)
    2nd place: Anna Chakhoyan (8) & Taleen Amirkhanian (7), Mane Hayrapetyan (7)
    General Math Solo: 3rd Place Brijal Shah (7)
    Speak Up Grades 7/8: 2nd place Brijal Shah (7), 3rd place Gore Mikayelyan (8)
    Egg Express: 1st place Richard Mirzoian (7) & Mane Hayrapetyan (7)
    Eye Model: Jazmine Ramos (7)
    Geometry/Algebra: 2nd place Sarkis Chrikjian(8)

    Algebra: 1st place Richard Mirzoian (7)
    General Math Team: 2nd place ~ Christopher Waked, Angel Perez, Anthony Tarbinian (6)
    Eye Model: 1st place, Jazmine Ramos (7)
    Speak Up: Brijal Shah (7)

    2012-2013 Results: (Advisors: Mrs. Jackson & Ms. Inglish)

    Jonathan     Fong--2nd place Pre-Algebra medal, 1st place creativity for Mouse Trap Car ribbon
    Alexander Luke-- 2nd Place Albegra I Medal, ribbon for 3rd place bridge creativity with Kuba Nogalska
    Richard      Mirzoian--1st place Pre-Algebra medal
    Aga  Nogalska--2nd place medal for egg drop
    Kuba Nogalska--ribbon for 3rd place bridge creativity with Alexander Luke
    Anna Parsamyan--3rd place Pre-Alegbra medal, 1st place Speak Up Medal
    Ejmin        Poorghasamians--2nd Place Geometry Medal
    Bhavin       Shah--1st Place Geometry Medal (with a perfect 25/25 score!)
    Meri Yedigaryan--3rd Place Speak Up Medal
    Kasra       Younesi--1st Place Algebra I Medal

    Richard Mirzoian, 1st place Pre-Algebra (6th grade)
    Bhavin Shah, 1st Place Geometry--Perfect Score (8th grade)
    Ejmin Poorghasamians, 2nd Place Geometry (8th grade)
    Kasra Younessi, 1st Place Algebra I (8th grade)
    Anna Parsamyan, 2nd Place Speech Competition (8th grade)

    2015-2016 (Advisors Mrs. Jackson & Mrs. Nam)
    2011-2015 (Advisors Mrs. Jackson & Ms. Inglish)
    2010-2011 (Advisors Mr. De Bruijn & Ms. Inglish)