Energy Conservation and Sustainability

  • GUSD implements a district-wide Energy Conservation Program to control rising utility costs and preserve the environment for future generations. The planning and development department monitors energy usage, identifies energy-saving opportunities, audits school sites, and makes energy-saving recommendations based on GUSD's Board-approved Energy Policy. GUSD also seeks out low- or no-cost programs for energy efficient upgrades and investigates alternative energy sources.

    Since implementing our Energy Conservation Program, GUSD has saved over 20% in utility costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 147,908 million British Thermal Units (MBTUs), or the equivalent of 12,660 metric tons of CO2. That is like removing 2,273 cars from our highways for one year or planting 323,929 tree seedlings and letting them grow for ten years.

    GUSD was an ENERGY STAR Superior Energy Performer for the year 2010, with 38 sites receiving the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star Label.

    Classroom Activities and Interactive Websites

    California Education and the Environment Initiative (CEEI)
    Curriculum designed to teach academic content standards through an environmental lens.

    Energy Quest
    Energy saving tips for students and teachers.

    Energy Education & Workforce Development
    Explains different kinds of renewable energy and ideas for saving energy at home.

    Green Allowance
    More great ideas for students to take on energy saving tasks at home.

    California Regional Environmental Education Community (CREEC) Network
    Environmental education activities and resources throughout California.