Glenoaks Library Catalog Online

  • The Glenoaks Elementary School Library is located in the main school building and is open for class visits Tuesdays-Thursdays. Our catalog consists of more than 10,000 fiction and non-fiction books covering a wide range of topics and book genres. Our catalog supports the standards and satisfies the ever-changing reading needs of our students.


    Our mission is to provide students with a vibrant, inviting library space that not only holds resources students may need for their studies, but a place where students can explore and ignite their passion for reading.


    To view the catalog CLICK HERE

Library Policies

  • All students must return a signed permission slip to use our school library.

    • Students in grades TK and Kindergarten may check out one book each week.
    • Students in grades 1-3 may check out up to two books per week.
    • Students in grades 4-6 visit the library every other week and may check out up to three books per visit.
    • Students who forget their library books and already have the maximum number of books checked out to them, may choose a Second Chance book. No child will go home empty handed if they would like a book!
    • Students in grades 2-6 may check out a maximum of 1 Graphic Novel at a time.
    • Students who do not return items checked out to them in a timely fashion may be billed for the materials.
    • Students who bring back damaged materials may be billed for the damaged item.
    • Students may reserve a book if it is checked out to another student.
    • Students may return their books any time the library is open.
    • Students may only use the library computers to look for books or check out books.
    • Students may not eat or drink in the library.
    • Students should always keep voices at a reasonable level.
    • Volunteers may check out two books at a time from the library.
    • Volunteers must return their books in a timely fashion or they will be billed for the items.
    • Volunteers must have a current TB test on file and must be fingerprinted by the District before volunteering at school.


Last Modified on September 13, 2023