• Promotion Ceremony
    Wednesday, June 6, 2018
    Rosemont Amphitheater
    The Promotional Ceremony will be held in the Rosemont Amphitheater at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 6, 2018. Eighth grade students need to be at school on Wednesday by 8:00 a.m. Eighth graders leave for the day after promotion.
    Recommended Dress Standard
    A dress is appropriate: regular school length or a long dress may be worn. Please take into consideration when selecting a dress, that this is an early morning ceremony. Remember this is not a formal event, therefore, "prom" formals, short skirts, strapless dresses, or open-backs are not allowed. Also, hats, corsages, and/or purses may not be worn in the processional march. Students will be walking down the stairs as part of the promotion, so shoes with a practical heel height are recommended. Students may also wear a dress shirt or a nice sport shirt, a tie and coordinating slacks. A jacket is appropriate if a student owns one, but a jacket need not be purchased for this occasion. Shorts, jeans, as well as tuxedos, are inappropriate for the ceremony.
    If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of your student's attire, please feel free to call and discuss the matter with us.
    In order for a student to participate in the Promotional Ceremony and end of year activities, the Glendale Unified School District has set the following minimum requirements: A student must 1) earn 100 credits. 2) Receive no more than two Fs on the 2nd semester final grade report of the eighth grade year. 3) Receive no more than four unsatisfactory (U) citizenship grades can be received on the final 2nd semester grade report of the eighth grade year.
    The final exam schedule for eighth grade students is as follows:
       Thursday        May 24      Math/PE
       Friday             May 25      History/Electives
       Tuesday         May 29      Science/English
       Wednesday    May 30      Make up testing
    The final progress report will be sent to you during the week of April 30th. If your student is in danger of failing or receiving a citizenship grade below satisfactory, it is strongly recommended that you arrange for a conference with the teacher(s). There will be no other formal notification. You may arrange for a conference by calling (818) 248-4224, ext. 1260. In addition, please be aware that students who have been tardy to a class four times within the quarter will receive a "U" in citizenship.
    Students, who are eligible to participate in the promotion, but choose not to, will need to have their parents write a letter of non-participation and non-participants are not eligible to attend the Magic Mountain trip and will be checked out of school on May 26th.
    Promotion Ticket and Parking
    This year, we will have approximately 650 students participating in our promotion exercises. As our amphitheater only seats 1,200, we will not be passing  out any extra tickets. On Tuesday, June 5th, each student will receive two tickets only, no exceptions. We will have no open seating. We are aware this may create problems with many blended families, grandparents, aunts and uncles,and brothers and sisters who will not be able to attend. You may wish to have a celebration following the ceremony.
    Children, including babies, will not be allowed to sit on parents' laps, so please make baby-sitting arrangements now. No one will be allowed to attend the ceremony without a ticket. Again, we apologize for limiting the tickets and for any problems this might create. Parking is limited, so please plan accordingly.
    Promotional Practice
    Practice will be held Tuesday, June 5th from 8:00am until 2:48pm. Please do not plan to take students out of school at these times. It is important that students are familiar with all aspects of the ceremony. Students are encouraged to wear sunscreen, long sleeves, protective visors, sunglasses, and hats as we will be in the amphitheater in the sun. 
    Magic Mountain
    Rosemont will again sponsor a trip to Magic Mountain as a reward to students who participate in promotion. The trip will be Monday, June 4th, and will cost each student approximately (TBD), which will include transportation. If the student owns a season pass, then the cost is $7 for transportation. Students will report to Rosemont at 8:00am. Buses will leave at 9:15am and return to Rosemont at 6:00pm. Only students who are eligible to participate in promotion may attend the trip. Tickets go on sale Monday, May 14th, through Thursday, May 24th. Students will receive information regarding the Magic Mountain trip in class. Questions regarding the trip can be addressed to Ms. Hakopian.