Board Priorities

  • The Glendale Unified Board of Education, as part of establishing its yearly priorities, has affirmed its commitment to the essential priorities of improving student achievement and maintaining a safe learning environment. The Board recognizes that improving student achievement is a comprehensive TK-12 effort, which encompasses all student groups and subject areas, and that maintaining a safe, orderly learning environment is critical to student success.

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    Maximize Student

    • Close the digital and equity gap.
    • Offer robust distance, hybrid, and in-person learning programs.
    • Address learning loss and improve attendance.

    Number 2
    • Ensure equitable teaching and learning opportunities led by excellence.
    • Support culturally relevant curriculum that emphasizes inclusion.
    • Increase parent and family engagement opportunities. 

    Board Priorities
    • Strengthen mental health support and programs.
    • Develop proactive health and safety procedures. 
    • Support physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.

    Number 4
    • Ensure the fiscal health of the district. 
    • Implement a fiscal plan to preserve the district resources. 
    • Plan for the district's future educational and facility needs.