• Arrival & Dismissal Policy Elementary Schools

    Students are not allowed on campus before 7:40 AM, (8:40 on Wednesdays).  Morning supervision does not begin until 7:40 AM MTThF & 8:40 AM Wednesdays.  There is no supervision before 7:40 AM on MTThF & 8:40 on Wednesdays!

    Do not drop off your child on campus before 7:40 AM, 8:40 on Wednesdays.  This is not safe!  Call the CDCC Office at (818) 241-7562 if before/after school childcare is needed.

    Students must be picked up at dismissal time.

    Wednesedays are banking days. On Wednesdays only, our gates open at 8:40am.  There is no supervision before 8:40am on Wednesdays. 

    If students have not been picked up by the time the office closes for the day Glendale Police Department will be contacted to pick up your child.  Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring your child's safety before and after school hours.