Brain Waves

    (with optional warm-up)


    • We start our Core Practice by sitting comfortably and closing our eyes or looking into our hands.
    • When you hear the instrument, listen as long as you can
    • When the sound has faded, begin to focus on every breath as you take it in and let it out.
    • When your hear the sound the second time, listen as long and as carefully as you can, still breathing calmly.
    • When you can’t hear the sound of the second chime any longer, slowly open your eyes, but remain still and quiet

    Chime instructions: Ring the chime and allow the sound to fully fade- should resonate for about 15 seconds. Once the sound is completely over, allow 15-20 seconds of silent breathing time. Then ring the chime the second time. Again, allow the sound to fully fade before opening eyes.

    Optional warm-up 

    • Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes or look down into our hands
    • Pay close attention to your breathing. Feel the air come in through your nose, then fill your chest and your belly. Calmly and slowly, let the breath leave your belly, then your chest, and finally your nose.
    • Keep your should dropped and relaxed. Think about the air coming into your body and the air going out. Coming in. And going out.
    • If your mind tries to think about other things, bring your attention back to your breath.
    • Notice your stomach rising and falling. Let your belly be soft and relaxed.

     (Then begin Core Practice….)

Last Modified on April 18, 2017