Policies and Rules | Elementary Magnet Schools

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    1. The magnet application will be available for online submission during the application window. Applications received after the deadline will be placed on the appropriate waiting list(s).

    2. Applicants must complete one application per child (including separate applications for twins or multiples).

    3. Applicants may select up to three different programs on the application. Applicants are not required to make more than one choice.

    4. Applicants should select only those programs for which they are willing to accept an offer of placement. Through the random student selection, an applicant who selects more than one program on the application may be offered more than one program placement.

    5. Once a spot is accepted in one program all other offers are automatically declined.

    6. Transportation will not be provided to any GUSD school.

    7. Applicants seeking placement in a school in which a currently enrolled sibling is attending and will continue to attend in the upcoming school year, will have priority over applicants without siblings. The sibling must live in the same household and have at least one parent/guardian in common. In-district resident siblings have priority over out-of-district siblings.

    8. Applicants certified as living within a half-mile radius of the elementary magnet school will have priority in the random selection process. GUSD residents have priority over out-of-district residents.

    9. Complete, on-time applications will be eligible for the random student selection according to the district priority guidelines. Selections will be made for only those spaces available.

    10. If no space is available, applicants will be placed on a waiting list for each of the programs to which they applied.

    11. Applications received after the deadline will not be eligible for the random student selection, but will be placed at the end of the appropriate waiting list(s) according to their priority group status.

    12. Applicants will be called from the waiting list to fill any vacancies that occur.

    13. Waiting lists will be maintained until the new application window opens. After that time, the waiting lists will be discontinued and applicants may apply for upcoming school year.

    14. In the event that an applicant is accepted to an elementary magnet school but is retained in the current grade level after the random student selection, the applicant may not reserve the magnet seat, but will be given priority on the wait list in the retained grade level.

    15. If selected for a magnet school a student's continuation in a magnet school is contingent on the student maintaining attendance and behavior expectations.