Congratulations to Hoover High School Culinary Student

    Kailyn Huynh who was awarded the

    Monroe College Summer Boot Camp

    Junior Scholarship

    (plus travel expenses to New York) 


    Thank you Chef Roznowski for your dedication to your students and CTE! 






    Clark Robotics Team 969


    "Chezy Champs" tournament Winners


    Congratulations to David Black and his students!



    Clark Magnet Robotics students & their roles:

    Edouard Aleman

    Web Developer

    Taleen Amirkhanian

    Accountant and Social Media Manager

    Marcus Barga

    Lead Web Developer

    Aidan Bradley

    Manufacturing Programmer

    Ji Hoon Choi


    Edward Dermardirosian

    Machinist, Mill Specialty

    Lerna Eiesagholian

    Machinist, Lathe Specialty

    Ruben Erkanian

    Java Programmer

    Alexander Fenyes


    Jake Goff


    Justin Gonzales

    Java Programmer

    Syed Hasan

    Java Programmer

    Emil Hovsepians

    CAD Designer

    Nicholas Karamyan

    Mathematical Analyst

    Noraik Krakishyan

    Java Programmer, Robot Driver

    David Lopez

    Prototyper/Assembler, Human Player

    Ryan Mamo


    Michael Matar

    Lead Manufacturing Programmer

    Allyson McCullagh

    Graphics Designer, Human Player

    Bagrat Mikhaelyan

    Lead Mathematical Analyst

    Jasmine Mirbasoo

    Lead Machinist

    Karin Najarian

    Team Captain, Robot Operator

    Narek Nazaryan

    Lead Weldor

    Sebastian Nunez Delgado

    Computer Animator

    Michael O'Gara

    Lead Computer Animator

    Lucas Rozales

    Welding Apprentice

    Gabrielle Scott

    CAD Designer

    Kioko Taylor


    Samuel Thompson

    Team Vice-Captain, Drive Team Coach

    Richard Viloria

    CAD Designer

    Christopher Waked


    Jiraporn Wongpheruks

    Manufacturing Programmer





    ~GHS Culinary Students recieve Scholarships~ 

    Congratulations to GHS Culinary students and Chef Pugel-Gamez for being recognized at the Career through Culinary Arts Programs 23rd Annual C-CAP Awards Breakfast .  We are so fortunate to have dedicated, committed and passionate students as well as a dedicated teacher like Chef Pugel-Gamez to help guide our students towards a successful college/career path.  Our CTE department is so proud of GHS's Culinary students!  We wish them much success in their future endeavors! 

    Board meeting

    Careers through Culinary Arts Program Awards
    Congratulations to: 
    Shaunt Mesrkhani Scholarship Recipient
    Anthony Avina Scholarship Recipient
    James Hernandez Scholarship Recipient
    Kelsey Hulguin Junior Certificate 
    Hinarangi Latu Junior Certificate 


    Clark Robotics Team 696 WINS Los Angeles Regional

    Competition, Heads for World Championship

    Congratulations to David Black and his students!

    Robotics picture
    2017 Team 696 Students
    Asadourian, Nanor N - CNC Machinist
    Barga V, Marcus Dominic S - Web Developer
    Boghosian, Lousaper - Manufacturing Team Lead
    Cragnotti, Anthony T - Lead Animator
    Fenyes, Alexander V - Fabricator & Mechanism Developer
    Gallagher, Devin R - Fabricator & Mechanism Developer
    Garcia, Claire M - Computer-Aided Manufacturing Programmer
    Goff, Jake B - Mechanism Developer, Battery Systems Analyst
    Hasan, Syed A - Java Programmer
    Hovsepians, Emil - CAD Designer, 3D Printing Specialist
    Karroum, Anthony R - CAD Team Lead
    Krakishyan, Noraik - Java Programmer, Human Player
    Lopez, David - Fabricator & Mechanism Developer
    Luke, Alexander C - Team Captain, Drive Team Coach
    Matar, Michael F - Computer-Aided Manufacturing Programmer
    Mikhaelyan, Bagrat J - Mathematical, systems, and strategy analyst.
    Mirbasoo, Jasmine L - CNC Lathe Operator
    Morris, Eden P - Lead Welder
    Najarian, Karin G - Team Vice-Captain, Robot Operator
    Nazaryan, Narek M - Welding Apprentice
    Nunez Delgado, Sebastian - CAD Designer
    O'Gara, Michael L - Animator
    Parsamyan, Anna - Business Team Lead
    Price, Jonna M - Computer-Aided Manufacturing Team Lead
    Rovello, Lauren C - Prototyping Team Lead
    Ruano, Christopher - Animator
    Terteryan, Allen - CAD Designer
    Thompson, Samuel - CNC Machinist, Human Player
    Torres, Daniel I - Programming Team Lead, Robot Driver
    Vazquez, Andrea S - Graphics Designer
    Witt, Samuel V - Photographer & Videographer