FAQ | Clark Magnet High School Residency

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    1. Can outside residents of Glendale Unified School District apply to Clark?
    No. CMHS only accepts applications for residents of the Glendale Unified School District.

    2. Can resident students who do not attend a GUSD school also apply?
    Yes. If you are currently a resident of the Glendale Unified School District, but attend a school other than a Glendale public school at the time of the application process, you can apply to CMHS.

    3. What do we need to prove residency in Glendale?
    You need to provide two current utility bills under the name of one of the parents/guardians.

    4. If we have only one utility bill under our name, can we still participate?
    Yes. However, you would also need to provide a statement as to why the other bills are not under your name. You would also provide your lease agreement (if renting) or the deed of the house (if owning).

    5. We have no utility bills under our name, since it is all included in our lease/rent. How can we prove residency?
    You would need to provide the original lease agreement which indicates the above.  Also you can provide two other bills, such as home owner's insurance bills, auto or health insurance bills, Cable or cell phone bills.

    6. We are moving into Glendale this summer, (or sometime after the lottery) can my child still participate in the lottery?
    No. The two current utility bills need to be provided to GUSD by the application deadline.  Such students would need to apply after the lottery for the waiting list placement of for the following year.

    7. My child stays with his/her grandparents in Glendale during the week, because we are both at work during the day. He even sleeps there sometimes. Can we use our parent's address?
    No. A child cannot have two residencies.  Where he/she lives with his parents is his/her only residency.  Providing any other address will be considered fraudulent and disqualify the applicant.

    8. We are in the process of purchasing a home (in a 30 or 60 day escrow), could my child still apply to CMHS?
    Yes. You would need to provide a copy of the escrow document at the time of submitting all other documents, and the two current utility bills after the escrow goes through. If you are unable to provide the utility bills, then the applications will be forfeited, and your child will no longer be eligible to attend CMHS. 

    9. We have a few properties in Glendale, but we do not live in them.  Can we use the address of one of those properties since we are the owners.  We even pay the utility bills on some of them?
    No. Providing any address other than the one in which the student actually resides is providing a fraudulent address and will disqualify the application.

    10. My child lives with my sister/brother/in laws/parents in Glendale. The bills are under their name. Can we provide their bills?
    Only if the relative is the legal guardian of the student, will such applications will be accepted.  GUSD will request legal court documents to prove the "guardianship" of the relative and also two utility bills under the guardian's name.