Welcome to Glenoaks PTA!

  • Come be a part of a great school community where…

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    Parents + Teachers = Successful Students

    By becoming part of the Glenoaks Parent Teacher Association (PTA) you are joining a dedicated group of parent volunteers and teachers who want to ensure that each student has the best possible school experience.


    By volunteering you can:

    Help teachers in the classroom
    Bring food items for staff events
    Assist in the school library
    Chair an event committee

    The opportunities to become involved are endless.

    Not only do we, the Glenoaks PTA, bring fun, educational and memorable events to the school, but we are proud to be a part of what the National & State PTA stand for. This nonprofit 501-C3 organization, solely run by volunteers like you, has made headlines across the nation. They were a part of the movement that made Kindergarten a grade level at the elementary public schools. They also support child labor laws and mandated school lunch programs. It is the PTA who is advocating for a better education for your children.


    We know your time is valuable and that we parents are all so busy. So, I ask you to join PTA at a level that feels comfortable for you. If your time to volunteer is limited, then simply join as a PTA member so that we can continue to make events available at our school. Your membership does not require you to make a commitment to volunteer your time (all memberships simply supports the PTA program itself). So, please sign up!

    When you become a PTA Member, you are not only supporting our school, Glenoaks Elementary, but you are supporting the PTA’s cause! A portion of the $10 PTA membership fee supports the National and State PTA, and the rest supports our programs.


    In addition, your membership enables us to have a bigger voice when it comes to presenting vital legislation and programs to our state and national leaders.  If you would like to take your membership to the next level, then feel free to volunteer as well! We would love to make some memories with you!


    Thank you for your support and welcome to Glenoaks.

    Your 2019-2020 PTA President

    Deedee Henniger




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Last Modified on August 19, 2019