• In December of 2009, the Sprouts Learning Garden was born. Students, parents, teachers and administrators came together to recognize a dream of an edible garden.

    In June of 2011 the BFEF won a grant from Lowe’s to expand the garden to include a vegetable garden, tended by the EEELP students and teachers. Our EEELP students “Feed, Teach and Share” in their new garden. They eat fresh, organic vegetables and sell their Harvest at Marketplace Thursdays (when available) and most of all, they get the educational enrichment that the BFEF and EEELP were created to provide.

    In June of 2012 Whole Foods made a grant to the BFEF to help us continue to maintain our gardens and we have begun Mornings In The Garden with Robyn. Classes visit the Garden for formal art instruction such as Value and Contour, The Color Spectrum and Space and Symmetry and participate in Garden activities such as Soil Building/Compost/Worms/Mulch/Microbes and The Water Cycle/Resource Conservation, Seed Gathering and Harvest and Propagation.