• These programs need volunteer leads for 2019-2020. We cannot offer this program if we do not have a volunteer to organize and run it.

    What is Franklin News Club? And how does it benefit our students?

    The Franklin News Club is a writing enrichment program for motivated 4th - 6th graders who have shown that they can work in a team environment, meet deadlines inside and outside of the classroom, and represent their community in a positive manner while sharing school-wide events with friends, family, and other students. Franklin News Club is intended for students who are already on the way to mastering basic writing concepts in English by forming topic sentences, supporting & clarifying main ideas through  details and examples, and learning how to organize their thoughts into paragraphs.


    The program serves to support what the teachers are working on in the classrooms through a hands-on approach that is fun for kids, aligns with common core standards, and formerly produced two school newspapers a year. Throughout the course of the session, students will be expected to pitch potential stories, develop and research their ideas, interview expert sources, and  give positive feedback to one another before they sit down and write. They are encouraged to seek out topics that are newsworthy, that they connect with personally, and speak to their audience here at Franklin. The program was built  on the belief that “writing is rewriting.” As a result, students must be willing to  receive notes and complete several drafts. As a writer, the goal is not to be  perfect the first time around, but to discover our own voices, learn how to communicate our ideas as clearly as possible, and “hook” the reader in so that they are engaged in what we have to say. This process can be challenging for even the most experienced writers, and we ask that students (and parents) keep an open mind. Furthermore, students in News Club are asked to make a commitment to their work as individuals as well as contribute as a member of  the writing team.


    While this after school enrichment program targets 4th- 6th grade students who are ready to take their writing skills to the next level, the news magazine is a  benefit to all students in that it is available for everyone to read and enjoy.  Furthermore, the school news magazine brings our wonderfully diverse community together. It shares news about B.F.E.F. and P.T.A. events, happenings  around campus across all languages, and imparts valuable information from Principal Kully. And finally, Franklin News affords us the opportunity to share what makes our school so special to future Franklin families and potential  sponsors within the community -- All from the student perspective!

    How is Franklin News Club run?


    Franklin News Club is run entirely by unpaid parent volunteers with support from Principal Kully and Teacher Specialist Ryan Partika. The former News Club writing advisors had a background in print and broadcast journalism. A graphics designer is also part of the News Club team.  There were two 12-week sessions per year. One was held in the Fall and one in the Spring. Each session culminates in a unique school newspaper.



    • Weekly meetings for an hour with students  
    • Most likely a an additional hour weekly outside of the club to help with coordinating stories and coordinating with graphics designer to create a newspaper.
    • In order for a parent (News Club Advisor) to be alone in the room with students without at faculty member or teacher present, a Certificate of Clearance is necessary (click here). The cost is reimbursed by BFEF.


    For information contact Janet Atienza.