• We need everyone in our community to pitch in – and because we honor and value the diversity in our families – we’re asking everyone to donate on a sliding scale, based on income levels. Recurring monthly donations in any amount help us keep an accurate budget to sustain our programs responsibly. All proceeds stay at FranklinSuggested donation sliding scale:
    If your household earns…
    • Less than $50k/year, suggested donation = $120 or $10/month
    • $50 – 100k/year, suggested donation = $350 or $30/month
    • $100 – 150k/year, suggested donation = $900 or $75/month
    • $150 – 200k/year, suggested donation = $1500 or $125/month
    • More than $200k/year, suggested donation = $3000 or $250/month

    We ask Kindergarten families to consider donating at least the equivalent of one month’s preschool tuition.

    Our Foundation can only maintain and grow our programs and initiatives with your support, whether this is financial or as a volunteer: our goal is that all families participate in making a meaningful donation to Franklin. If you have an in-kind (equipment, supplies, event sponsors) or other type of donation you’d like to make, or if you have a corporate donor you could solicit for BFEF, please contact us!

    Your donations are tax-deductible to the maximum allowed by law.
    Federal Tax ID 27-1310472