• Current PTA Board Roster

    PTA members are elected at PTA meetings each spring. Any PTA member is invited to run for office.

    Members may only serve for two years in each role.


    Current PTA President Maggie Malone is a parent to two children in the Spanish language program at Franklin (grades 2 & 5). She first joined the PTA board in 2019 as Treasurer and is excited to be the new PTA President. Maggie is currently an SAI Core Teacher at RD White Elementary School in GUSD. She has been teaching since 2004 and has three credentials: Multiple Subject, Special Education, and English. She loves to travel, camp, scuba dive, and raft with her family. Aside from volunteering on the PTA Board, the best decision her family has made during their time at Franklin was hosting two of the Spanish language interns.

    Sherry Kully Principal Sherry Kully
    Roxanne Ouweleen Assistant Principal  
    Maggie Malone


    Danni Kim

    Executive Vice President

     Danni Kim
    Michael Bridges  Secretary Michael
    Pam Cota Teacher Representative  
    Mary Chartkoff Communications Chair Mary
    Cathie Filian

    Programs Chair - Culture of Kindness & Reflections


    Suzanne Lang

    Room Representative Chair  Suzanne


    Joanna Hess

    Green Lunchroom Committee Chair 

    (we need a co-chair!) and Treasurer


    Célien Delcourt-Leparmentier


    Book Expo Chair

    Book Expo Commitee needs helpers!

    Elena Nordin Outreach & BFEF Liaison  Elena
    Gina Del Grosso Volunteer and Events Coordinator gina


    Membership Chair

    OPEN Fall Social Committee  
    OPEN Holiday Bazaar  
    OPEN Historian  
    OPEN Parliamentarian  
    OPEN Advocacy Chair