• Thanks to your generous donations to the BFEF, Franklin funds international interns every year in our four language programs. These young teachers work in all classrooms, helping reduce the student-teacher ratio while also reinforcing language learning and cultural awareness. You'll see them teaching songs to students, helping with art projects, reading groups, and leading games at recess.


    Our interns come from Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Spain, and other countries where our four languages are spoken. Most of our interns stay the entire school year, although some do choose to stay only one semester. All interns are hosted by Franklin families; we cannot invite an intern unless we have a host family in place. You may host an intern for as little as 9 weeks. 

    BFEF hires interns through several sources, including Amity and CICD." Franklin also has interns provided through cultural programs run by French and Spanish Consulates. (NOTE: Due to visa reductions at the U.S. State Department in 2017, we have only been allotted 10 interns recently). We hire as many as Amity allows and then ask consulates to help us fund additional target language classroom assistants.


    Each intern brings a perspective on their home country, culture and people. Interns also learn about our culture here in Southern California. Franklin wants each intern to return home and share what they have learned and experienced with their own communities.


    Each host family provides room and board free of charge in exchange for the teaching intern’s active participation in family life and household chores. Host families provide:

    • Room and board for the intern with a family or individual in the community or surrounding community where sponsoring school is located.
    • A private bedroom (bedding and towels provided by host family); a shared bathroom is fine.
    • Intern can live with multiple families, but each family must host for a minimum of nine weeks
    • Transportation for the intern to and from the airport upon arrival and departure

    If you are interested in becoming a host family, please contact the Franklin Amity Coordinators Carrie Lynne Maher and Elizabeth Vitanza.


    If you are interested in teaching at Benjamin Franklin Elementary, and you have experience teaching in one or more of our target languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish); or, if you are a student studying in one or more of these foreign languages, please contact Amity Institute at Amity.org