• Our Board is an all-volunteer effort, and we donate our time and talents to organize events, raise funds, and allocate them in accordance with our mission.  We encourage interested Board members to volunteer on a team (Fundraising, Enrichment, etc.) with a current Board member, or start as an at-large voting member of the Board, before submitting for a Lead position.
    The BFEF is always looking for committee members with expertise or a willingness to learn alongside a current Board member. We strive to have representation of all four language programs on our Board. Even if we do not, our organization's mission is to support ALL language programs equitably. BFEF actively seeks out families with diverse experiences and family backgrounds to ensure our work meets the needs of our entire community. 
    Successful BFEF volunteers (and future Board members) check email regularly, ensure that our funding aligns with our mission's goals, works well with a team, is respectful of our principal and our teachers, and understands the BFEF's mission. BFEF Board meetings are open to anyone (please contact us in advance so we can accommodate the request), and are usually held the first Wednesday of the month, in the Franklin library or on Zoom. 

    2022-23 BFEF Board Roster

    Sherry Kully



    Principal, non-voting member




    Elizabeth Vitanza

    (German language program parent)








    Elena Nordin 

    (Italian language program parent)




    Vice President

    (PTA/BFEF liaison)





    Gina Del Grosso

    (Italian language program parent)


    Fundraising Lead




    Tony Ruggiero

    (Italian language program parent)








    Jessica Vo

    (Italian language program parent)


    Enrichment Lead (Interns, Assistants, etc.)



    Chris Shellen

    (Italian language program parent)




    Secretary & Spirit Store





    Abby Walthausen

    (French language program parent)




    Green Team Lead






    Anna Agadjanian

    (German language program)

    M. Ferial Asadies

    (French language program)

    David Callaghan*

    (German language program)

    Julie Figueira-McDonough

    (Spanish language program)

    Cathie Filian

    (Spanish language program)

    Joanne Freeman-Gil

    (Spanish language program)

    Marisa Marocco

    (Spanish language program)

    Emily Rice

    (Spanish language program)



    At-large voting members


















    *non-voting Corporate Outreach and Grants Team member