• PTA Board Committees 2022-2023


    President: Caili Ouyang 


    Secretary: Tracy Balderama 


    Treasurer: Tanaya Bell   


    Historian: Lynne Turner 


    Membership: Darlin Cerristos


    Please feel free to contact any board member directly through our PTA email.



    Vacant Board Positions

    1st Vice President for Programs:
      • Works with committee and other chairmen to plan and organize programs for the school year
      • Collaborates with principal, PTA president, other committee chairmen and campus student groups to coordinate, plan and implement programs
      • Develops annual program calendar and presents it at PTA association meeting for adoption
      • Publicizes approved program calendar using newsletters, website, social networks and school handbook
      • Oversees and delegates volunteer recruitment for implementing and running programs
    2nd Vice President for Fundraising:
      • Works with a committee, appointed by the president, to plan and organize fundraising activities
      • Focuses on raising the amount of funds needed to meet the unit’s budget
      • Presents reports on proposed fundraising activities at board and association meetings for approval
    • Assists the president to manage meetings and advises on parliamentary procedure
    • Chairs Bylaws committee to review unit Bylaws each year and revise Bylaws every three years
    • Arranges nominating committee’s first meeting, providing information on nomination and election process
      • Audits the books and financial records of a PTA to determine their accuracy
      • Presents written reports on audits to the board and the association for adoption
      • Forwards copies of adopted audits to council/district PTA as indicated in unit bylaws
      • Audits happen twice a year, and take approx, 1-2 hours each time



    PTA Contacts


    Our PTA email: LcesPTAboard@gmail.com


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