• Our Mission:  The Benjamin Franklin Elementary Foundation supports the development of every student by identifying needs and raising funds to support evidence-based programs that promote engagementcreativity, educational excellence, environmental citizenship, and language and cultural enrichment


    We are always looking for volunteers to join our committees on Fundraising, Outreach, and more.

    Volunteers work alongside our experienced Board members on committees and then apply to be voted in as full Board members. Please note that certain roles require expertise (legal, treasurer, auditor). If you have non-profit expertise please contact us at bfefboard@gmail.com


    BFEF Board Norms


    Confidentiality and transparency: Although most Board meetings are public spaces, Board meetings and committee work require discretion, especially around fundraising and private/personal information. Board members have a duty to avoid conflicts of interest. Whatever is decided by the Board is logged in meeting minutes that are available to the public.


    Trust and respect for our principal and teachers: we believe that our principal’s and our teachers’ input should inform our decisions about what BFEF funds, as they are the experts running our dual immersion program. We rely on our principal to explain public education requirements (instructional time, curriculum) when determining what to fund. We respect teachers’ and principal’s professionalism and their time and consider that. (For example, covering teachers’ costs for paid after-school events; we do not assume  teachers or principal will volunteer their time beyond their contractual day).


    Equitable use of resources: As decision-makers, Board members must understand that what Kindergarten needs from BFEF is different from what 3rd grade or a 5/6  split needs. Giving the same thing to everyone is not always appropriate or aligned with our mission. Transparency about budget priorities and equitable spending is essential to our mission.

    Awareness of entire FLAG program: Because we are volunteer-run, we may have over- or under-representation of language programs or grade levels. We should always work to consider the impact on all programs and grade levels when making decisions.

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    Benjamin Franklin Elementary Foundation (BFEF) a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

    Your donation is deductible to the maximum allowed by law. TID 27-1310472

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