• Updated as of 2/14/2023.  



    Students MUST get approval from their CVHS counselor for ALL summer school programs.

    Students and parents should consider that the regular school year now has 7 classes offered each semester. Summer opportunities to relax and refresh for the upcoming year may be more appropriate for many students. Students should NOT take a summer class if they do not have desired alternate elective requests for the 2023-24 school year. 


    For those who wish to take summer classes, please consider the options listed below and consult with your CVHS Counselor for additional questions.


    Option #1: GUSD Summer School located at CVHS: FREE

    Dates: (printable calendar)

    1st Semester classes (Session 1): June 12 - 28 (holiday June 19) 

     2nd Semester classes (Session 2): June 29 - July 17 (holiday July 4)  

    • Year-long classes are scheduled for Session 1 and Session 2 dates.
    • Semester-long classes (Health, Gov't, and Econ) will be randomly assigned Session 1 or Session 2 dates. 

    BELL Schedule: All classes meet period 1 AND period 2. 

    • 8:30 - 10:55 Period 1

    • 10:55 - 11:15 Snack

    • 11:20 - 1:45 Period 2

    • 2:00 - 4:25 APEX

    Enrollment Procedures:

    • Students who need to repeat D/F grades in courses required for graduation or students who qualify for Bridge Math will register directly with your CVHS counselor during 1-1 registration conferences. If you need to add a class after semester 2 final grades, please contact your counselor in May or June. 
    • Students wanting courses for acceleration/enrichment in Health, History, Science, or electives should complete the Summer School Google Registration form posted in your CVHS Counselor's Google Classroom. 

    Course Offerings: (subject to change and availability)

      •      Remedial/credit recovery courses for grades 10-12 (register directly with counselor)
      • Courses for advancement or alternate electives during the year(register with the Google form posted in Google classroom):
      •      Grade 9: Health (1 semester), The Living Earth 1-2
      •      Grade 10: World History 1-2, Chemistry 1-2, Spanish 5-6
      •      Grade 11: U. S. History 1-2,  Spanish 5-6
      •      Grade 12: American Government and/or Economics (1 semester each),  Spanish 5-6, College Writing Workshop (Non-credit)
    • The priority enrollment deadline is April 12th. Requests for GUSD summer school beyond the priority enrollment dates will be accepted until the first day of each session only if space is available. 
    • All classes offered by GUSD summer school will be IN PERSON on CV or other GUSD campuses. 
    • Summer School Schedules will be visible on the student.gusd.net portal in June. Teachers and room numbers will be assigned by the first day of class.


    Non-GUSD summer school options:  Students MUST complete the Summer School Google Registration Link (posted in Google classrooms) to get approval for non-GUSD summer school programs AND follow the registration guidelines established by the desired school.

    • Instructional Dates: Vary by program.  
    • Transcripts/grades will automatically be sent to CVHS from the GCC-Student Success Center and OFL-OP in August.
    • Students are responsible for requesting their official transcripts from any other pre-approved school or program.


    Option #2: GCC-Student Success Center- 100% virtual independent study-no age requirement and OK for students also enrolled in GUSD summer school: no fees

    • Dates of summer session: June 20-August 11, 2023
    • Flexible hours,independent pacing. Students should expect to work a minimum of 4-6 hours per day to complete required assignments. Once the course is completed, the student does not need to stay enrolled.
    • Website: 


    • Enrollment Procedures: Complete the CVHS Summer Google Registration link AND complete the GCC-SSC registration form (Click HERE) 
      • Email a pdf copy of the completed form to your counselor for approval. 
      • The counselor will sign and forward to anahita@glendale.edu 
      • A mandatory virtual orientation session will be required by GCC-SSC to be scheduled in May or June to confirm enrollment. 
    • Course Offerings that CVHS Counselors will approve at GCC-SSC:
      •      Grade 9: Health
      •      Grade 10: World History 1-2
      •      Grade 11: U. S. History 1-2
      •      Grade 12: American Government and/or Economics
      •  Any remedial/credit recovery courses for grades 10-12  


    Option #3: ANY OTHER PROGRAMS- (OFL-OP, OFY, BYU, Mission, National, ALVS, UC Scout, etc. )

    •  Dates: OFL-OP dates are July 1st -August 4th. Others vary by program. 
    • Course Offerings: Primarily the same courses listed above for Option 1 and 2 but courses MUST be pre-approved by CVHS counselors
    • Any fees charged by outside programs are paid directly to the program, not to CVHS.
    • It is the student's responsibility to make sure official transcripts/grades are submitted to CVHS at the end of summer for any non-GUSD program.
    • Grades will only be posted to CVHS transcripts if the course was pre-approved by a CV counselor. 
    • Students must complete the Summer School Request Google Link and then register directly with the desired program, once approved.


    Please note: Community College courses offered during summer school via the GCC main campus will not be posted for high school credits. Students will only earn college credits and do not need to submit transcripts to CVHS. 


    CVHS Counselors are not responsible for enrollment, grades, or programs outside of GUSD and are providing the information above as a courtesy to families.  

    A maximum of 15 summer school credits may be earned in summer school. 

    Information listed above may change. Please confirm summer enrollment details in May or June.


       Have a great summer!