AP English Literature

  • All assignments and agenda can be viewed on google classroom.  If you are a parent and you would like to access your student's google classroom, please email me at:  bbeerman@gusd.net.


    Course Syllabus:

    AP English Literature and Composition



    Course Overview:  Welcome to AP English Literature and Composition. This course is designed to build on the foundational skills students learned in AP English Language and Composition.

    AP English Literature and Composition:

    *functions as a college level course in a high school setting

    *prepares students for the AP English Literature and Composition Exam that will be administered in May

    *focuses on how to write and think analytically and how to find a strong personal voice

    *progresses at a rigorous pace.


    Students will continue to explore how the texts challenge us to think critically about the course themes and essential questions:

    Search for Meaning

    What are the components of a “meaningful life?”

    • Are ethics absolute or relative?
    • What connections exist between cultural influences and personal values?
    • How does man’s definition of self-evolve over time?


    How to find Success in this Course: 

    1. Be present, both literally and figuratively.
    2. Be proactive. It is important that, at this grade level, students take responsibility for their own learning. If you are having difficulty, please visit my office hours. DO NOT WAIT until the end of the semester to do this. Complete the reading and the assignments on time.
    3. It is recommended, but by no means mandatory, that students purchase their own novels in order to write/take notes in them. Most novels and plays for this class can be found online, as well.
    4. In addition to the above, this class prepares students for the advanced placement English Literature exam. To meet the requirements of the critical reading and analytical writing of this class, it is the student’s responsibility to seek extra help and review previous concepts as needed.


    Resources for Success in this Course:

    Teacher Office Hours

    College Board Resources


    Recommended Materials:  

    Listed below are recommended materials for students taking AP Literature and Composition.  These materials are not required, and full participation in the course does not require the purchase of any of these materials.  State law requires us to provide a public education free of charge.  Subject to certain exceptions, the right to a free public education means we cannot require students or their families to purchase materials, supplies, equipment or uniforms for any school activity, to pay security deposits for access, participation, materials, or equipment, or to make donations to a class, activity or program.

           A notebook or binder dedicated only to this class.

    • Student Planner
    • Writing Utensils (blue/black pen and/or pencil)
    • Highlighters
    • Charged Chromebook/Laptop (this will be provided for you)



    CV School Wide Behavior Expectations, Academic Honesty, and Discipline Policies may be found here: https://www.gusd.net/domain/1302 or scan the QR Code below.

    CV Policies:  School policies are distributed to all families at the beginning of the year, and are also available in the Parent/Student Handbook on the school website: www.cvhsfalcons.com


    PBIS The Falcon Way

    Be involved. Be respectful. Be responsible. Be safe.










    Grading Policy: 


    Grade Category

    % of Total Grade

    Classwork (daily listening and speaking, practice writing, discussion questions, etc.)


    Homework/Independent Work (annotating, study guides, practice writing, etc.)


    Quizzes and Tests (reading quizzes, vocabulary, end of unit test, etc.)


    Writing and Presentation (process writing, timed writing, and formal presentations)



    A = 100%-90%

    B = 89%-80%

    C = 79%-70%

    D = 69%-60%

    F = 59%- 0%


    Late classwork/homework is accepted until the week after the due date. Late work will receive 50% of the earned grade. No work will be accepted after the one week grace period unless there is an approved written request.


    Late projects, essays, and presentations will be accepted up until one week after the deadline. Work will receive 50% of the earned grade.   No work will be accepted after the one week grace period unless there is an approved written request.


    Absent students have one week to make up missing assignments. If you are absent on the day of a test or a quiz, you will be expected to take the test or quiz on the day of your return unless other arrangements have been made.