Who Is The PTA?

  • If you would like to volunteer or contribute resources to any particular post below, please reach out to the relative chairperson or the PTA president.

PRESIDENT Ani Adjemian glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
SECRETARY Theresa Costello tcostello0305@gmail.com
TREASURER Tom Repetto trepetto@hotmail.com
AUDITOR Jenni Medina medina_jenni@yahoo.com
HISTORIAN VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
PARLIAMENTARIAN Alex DiRuscio alexandracooper88@gmail.com
1st VP: PTA Programs Kate DiRienzo-Payne kated7@gmail.com
Art Program/Reflections Chair Meeti Iyangar niyangar@gmail.com
Art Program/Reflections Chair Co-chair Sarah Repetto sarahrepetto@gmail.com
Membership Chair Nichol Norman nichol@monkeyfishfrog.com
Membership Co-Chair Marilyn Heidecker marilyngail@gmail.com
Honorary Service Award Chair Alex DiRuscio alexandracooper88@gmail.com
Founder's Day Chair Ani Adjemian aniadjemian@gmail.com
Food Drives Chair Alex DiRuscio alexandracooper88@gmail.com
Toy & Book Drive Chair Alex DiRuscio alexandracooper88@gmail.com
2nd VP: Parent Engagement VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
Volunteer Sign-Ups/Room Parent Chair Ani Adjemian aniadjemian@gmail.com
Library Chair VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
Kinder Liaison Chair Suzy Koskakaryan susykoshkaryan84@yahoo.com
3rd VP: Schoolwide Programs Amy Gambell akdore@yahoo.com
Student Assemblies Chair Rebecca Addelman raddelman@gmail.com
Literacy Promotion/Guess Who's Coming To Read Kate DiRienzo-Payne kated7@gmail.com
Literacy Promotion/Guess Who's Coming To Read Co-Chair Ani Adjemian aniadjemian@gmail.com
Science Fair VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
Science Fair Co-Chair VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
Staff Appreciation Chair Suzy Koskakaryan susykoshkaryan84@yahoo.com
Staff Appreciation Co-Chair VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
Kindness Week Chair VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
Kindness Week Co-Chair Janelly Russe janelly.russe@gmail.com
Green Team Liz Wilkinson elizabeth.wilkinsonfnp@gmail.com
Green Team Co-Chair Kate DiRienzo-Payne kated7@gmail.com
4th VP: Ways & Means Suzy Koshkakaryn susykoshkaryan84@yahoo.com
Glenoaks Spiritgear Marissa Staley marissa.stajk@gmail.com
Glenoaks PTA Store/Kona Ice Marilyn Heidecker marilyngail@gmail.com
Book Fair VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
Book Fair Co-Chair VACANT glenoaksptainfo@gmail.com
Dine-Out Night Chair Joanna Panico jobug216@hotmail.com
Webmaster Michael Hermogeno glenoaksweb@gmail.com
Volunteer Sign-Ups/Room Parent Chair Marissa Staley marissa.stajk@gmail.com
Volunteer Sign-Ups/Room Parent Chair Alex DiRuscio alexandracooper88@gmail.com
Last Modified on August 23, 2023